Real-Time PCB Design Bundle


Real-Time Design with OrCAD® provides real time feedback and alerts you to potential errors as you design your board. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and don’t go another minute without the design tools you need to complete your designs on-time and on-budget.

The Real-Time Design bundle includes the following:

  • A perpetual license of OrCAD PCB Designer Professional
  • OrCAD CIS Option
  • A 6 month subscription to Ultra Librarian® 

Offer Ends August 31st.


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Descrição do Produto

The Real-Time PCB Design Bundle provides an exclusive opportunity to move to the OrCAD Real-Time Design workflow at an unbeatable price. Take advantage of all the latest time saving features provided by OrCAD PCB Designer Professional, OrCAD CIS, CIP, and Ultra Librarian. Save 65% off the combined retail price when you purchase before August 31st.

To create a successful PCB design, you need to run a series of final checks before you can submit the board for manufacturing. Experienced designers already know what errors the analysis tools will identify before running these checks. The OrCAD Real-Time PCB Design Bundle makes it possible for everyone to design high-speed boards by alerting designers to potential errors during the design process. This real-time feedback improves the manufacturability of board designs and allows even inexperienced designers to create the next generation of high-performance, high-density electronics. Use real-time design insights in OrCAD to go from prototype to production in less time, with fewer respins.

The Real-Time PCB Design bundle includes:

OrCAD PCB Designer Professional
Gain professional grade PCB design capabilities with OrCAD® PCB Designer Pro. In addition to all functions which are already included in the standard version, OrCAD Pro supports the definition of differential signals, interactive routing, constraint management, and Real-Time PCB Design.

  • Advanced interactive PCB editing
  • Automated rigid flex design
  • Design reuse and replication
  • Advanced diff pair routing
  • Constraint manager: advanced physical, spacing, and electrical rules
  • X-net support
  • Post layout SI analysis
  • Autorouting with SPECCTRA®


  • Provides centralized, shared access to your component library across the organization to avoid redundancy and ensure available and approved parts are being used.
  • Enables designers to work with placeholder parts that can be replaced with approved versions once ready.
  • Easily manage board assembly variations without having to maintain duplicate schematics or manually edit individual BOMs.
  • Search for best fit components based on your unique criteria including, value, tolerance, cost, and status.

Realize the full potential of an effective component management process with the OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP). It is now a quick and easy process to add and maintain components and parametric data within OrCAD CIS. Streamline component research, introduce new parts, and maintain data integrity with user access roles all within the CIS database management and the online component research environment.

  • Intuitive interface provides real-time access to add, maintain, and search component parametric data on millions of available parts directly within OrCAD.
  • Get started quickly with a starter database which includes a pre-configured schema and a 5,000 part starter library.
  • Define access rights and enable collaboration with stakeholders without exposing your sensitive IP.
  • Ensure critical component data such as  Part Number, Value, Price, Qty on hand, RoHS status, and more are included in your BOMs every time.

Ultra Librarian
Ultra Librarian for OrCAD provides a comprehensive, cloud-based library of millions of components eliminating the need manually create component symbols, footprints, and models. Ultra Librarian for OrCAD offers the ability to search, preview and place components quickly without leaving the native CAD design environment saving time and eliminating errors.